At South Ridge, we are passionate about prayer! It is our vision to see people spiritually connected to each other through prayer.

We encourage you to...

Seek prayer in your SR Group and/or serving team, in order to connect with those already journeying with you.

Call the church office to connect with someone immediately for prayer: (908) 735-5252.

Submit a prayer request for the Prayer Wall, which exists to connect anyone in the congregation and community through prayer. To respect people’s personal information, it is necessary for you to have the permission of the person we are praying for before submitting a prayer request.

To protect confidentiality, we will post on the Prayer Wall using initials only; God knows who it is!


Periodically, the church office will communicate emergency prayer requests for attendees, members, and their immediate family members through ePrayer updates. While the Prayer Wall exists for every kind of prayer request in the congregation and beyond, the purpose of ePrayer is to strengthen the spiritual bonds within the SR family.

While we understand that these prayer requests are on the internet, and that ePrayer is sent to many people, we ask that you do not repost these updates to social media sites. Many of these updates are of a sensitive nature, and keeping the updates within our SR Family protects the privacy of those involved as best as we can. We love the heart for prayer that so many of you have! We thank you for your faithful prayers. “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)

SEPTEMBER 20 – Keia Kemp and family
We are grieved to share that Keia Kemp’s brother, Tyrone, has passed into eternity. He passed away on Monday afternoon after a brief hospitalization. He had spent the last 17 years battling illness that affected his organ systems, and he lived many, many more years than the doctors ever expected due to the graciousness of our Lord and Savior, as well as Tyrone’s positive spirit. Please pray for Keia and her whole family during this time of grief. Thank you for praying.

Please pray for KK’s brother, TG. He is currently in congestive heart failure, and he cannot be listed for the double lung transplant, which he needs. The doctors say that he will not survive another 2 years without the transplant, but his chances of surviving a transplant are also slim. He has survived 17 years longer than the doctors expected. But with the recent death of his friend, Dr. KG, he is feeling really down and dejected. Please pray for strength, peace of mind, and healing for TG. Please also pray for encouragement, strength, and peace for TG’s whole family – especially KK, who does a lot of his caretaking. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for CG’s brother in law, TL. He is in the ICU in upstate NY due to bacterial pneumonia and kidney failure. He is also on a ventilator. They are waiting for more information from doctors. Please pray for TL’s complete healing, for wise, compassionate doctors, and for peace & comfort for the whole family, especially for CG’s sister and TL’s wife, JL.  Thank you for praying.

Update on KT’s mother, BA: BA was able to have her hip repair surgery this afternoon. Please pray for a successful recovery, for good pain management, and for her overall health to be strengthened. Please also pray for peace and comfort for the family as they try to help BA.  Thank you for praying!

Please pray for KT’s mother, BA. She has been struggling with several health problems for quite some time. At home she got dehydrated and weak and was taken to the hospital, where she battled another UTI. From there, she recently went back into a rehab facility to try to build up strength to walk. While in rehab at physical therapy, she fell and broke her hip and now requires surgery; however, she is running a fever. The doctors need to discern what is causing the fever before they can perform surgery. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, healing for BA, and peace & comfort for the whole family. Thank you!

Update on SS: Thank you for your prayers for SS’s recent surgery.  The surgery could not successfully correct the problem concerning her condition.  The outcome was helpful enough to provide some comfort, however.  She is feeling fine and should not need any further surgery.  Your love and prayers are so very appreciated! Thank you for praying!

Please pray for longtime member, SS.  She is having another surgery tomorrow due to her ongoing condition.  May our Lord continue to oversee the surgery and outcome according to His love and mercy! Thank you for your prayers, always!

Please pray for RW and her family. Her father is in the end stages of his life, and his homegoing to Jesus is imminent. Please pray her father’s walk home would be smooth and without suffering, and please pray for peace, comfort, and strength for R’s stepmother, LS (who just celebrated her 45th anniversary with R’s dad), as well as for R and her whole family. Thank you for lifting them up in prayer at this very hard time.

Update on LE: LE completed her rounds of chemo and had some scans. Praise God, the scans showed that all the other masses except for the larger original one are gone! Even some of the previously affected lymph nodes around the original mass are now clear.  She will begin radiation on the mass in her breast/chest, in hopes to halt any further growth and to get LE to a place where surgery could be performed successfully. Please continue to pray for LE’s complete healing as she battles cancer. Please also pray for effective treatments, no further growth of the mass, for wisdom for the doctors, and peace & comfort for LE and her whole family. Thank you for praying!

Please pray for a request from TM. Her coworker’s grandson, S, is an infant who was born with some kind of stomach abnormality. He is undergoing surgery today to repair it.  Please pray for a smooth, safe surgery for baby S, and lots of peace and comfort for his family. Thank you!

Update on former member LD: LD was able to be discharged from the hospital and head home yesterday. Please continue to pray against infection, for pain management, and for complete healing from both the surgery and the cancer.  Thank you for praying.

K and KH are requesting continued prayer for their daughter NH. NH was discharged from Carrier Clinic on Friday, and on Sunday, she has returned to residential treatment in Maryland. (After coming home from this residential facility in June, she quickly declined again, sending her to Carrier as she had begun using very maladaptive coping skills again and was struggling to stay alive.) NH has expressed a need for relief from the agonizing intensity of this battle, as well as has shared how extraordinarily hard it is to find hope, especially given how long she has been fighting. She is deeply hurting and is asking specifically for prayer for the ability to fight for her life without listening to the darkness in her mind.  KH, KH, and NH all ask for prayer that this admission would change the cycle and lead her on a path of recovery. Additionally, the whole family is praying for God to make a way for NH to go to a long term facility after this to receive further care. NH and her family thank everyone for their prayers.

Update on former member, LD: LD has been moved out of the SICU and the doctors are waiting on a few particular turning points before they can remove her tracheotomy and send her home, such as a reduction in swelling and healing at the site. Please continue to pray for her complete healing from both of her surgeries as well as the cancer she is battling.  Thank you for your prayers!

Update on former member, LD: LD was found to have a hematoma. The doctors performed a surgery to remove it and cauterize the blood vessel causing it. The also had to place a tracheotomy, and she will be in the SICU for a few days. Please pray for protection from infection, good pain management, continued healing, wisdom for the medical team, and peace & comfort for LD and her family. Thank you for your continued prayer.

Please pray for former member, LD, who had surgery to remove some cancerous masses on her tonsil and lymph nodes in her neck last week. She is having some unexplained swelling and pain, and so she is on the way back to the hospital – at the direction of her medical team. They want to do an ultrasound to rule out any problems. Please pray for the right medical team members to be available and for wisdom for them as they evaluate. Please also pray for pain relief and for the swelling to subside.  Thank you for praying.

Please continue to pray for the M family, whose son PM passed away unexpectedly in a motor vehicle accident on Wednesday.  There will be a celebration of his life here at South Ridge Community Church, on Monday, July 24th. There will be a time of visitation from 3pm-5pm, with a service following at 5pm.  You can find more information here. Thank you for your continued love and prayer support for TM, KM, RM, and CM at this very hard time.

SG had the surgery to repair her broken hip yesterday. The surgery went well. Please continue to pray for a smooth recovery process and good pain management. Thank you for praying.

LD is out of her two surgeries now. They removed her tonsil and then some lymph nodes. The family is waiting to hear from the surgeon.  Please pray for a smooth recovery with no infection, good pain management, and for good news that they got all the cancer out.  Thank you for praying.

Please pray for SG, who fell yesterday and broke her hip. She is in the hospital right now, and is scheduled to have a surgery on her hip tonight. Please be in prayer for God to guide the surgeon’s hands, for a smooth repair and recovery, and for peace & comfort for SG and her family. Thank you for praying.

Update on former member LD: LD will be having surgery early tomorrow morning for the cancer she is battling. They will be removing a tonsil and a tumor in her neck.  Please pray for God to guide the surgeon’s hands, for a really successful surgery that removes all the cancer, and for peace & comfort for LD and her family.  Thank you for your faithful prayers.

We are deeply grieved to share that PM, son of TM and KM, brother to RM and CM, passed away unexpectedly yesterday in an accident. We are inexpressibly heartbroken for the family. Please join us in supporting the M’s, as well as all of PM’s friends and loved ones, in prayer. Please pray for the peace, strength, and comfort of God to carry them through these upcoming days and weeks.  Please pray for them all to tangibly feel Jesus holding their hearts. Psalm 34 tells us that the Lord hears our cries for help, and that He is near to those who are brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. Please pray that TM, KM, RM, and CM feel the nearness of the Lord in the crushing of this grief. Thank you for praying. Details about arrangements will be shared as they become available.

Update on NH:  NH was admitted to Carrier Clinic last night. On Monday, NH’s clinical team at her IOP called for her to be screened. (Basically someone comes and does a depression screening that indicates if she needs to be admitted inpatient to keep her safe.)  NH is at a very low place and is tired of fighting. Please pray for hope, strength, peace, and healing.  Thank you.

Please pray for LE, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer a few months ago. It has spread to a spot in her neck, which is pressing on her vocal cords, as well as to her liver where two spots were detected. The tumor at the point of origin has grown so that it is pressing on her diaphragm, and it prohibits her from getting a full breath. In April LE began a series of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Praise God, the spots on her liver have shrunk by half in response to treatment. The doctors want to see the other tumors shrink more before moving to surgery, so she will have some more scans in two weeks to check on the treatment’s progress. Please pray for the scans to show the treatment working well, and also for strength, peace, and comfort for LE and her husband, SE, as well as their children, JE and SE. Finally, please pray for God to do a mighty work of complete healing in LE, and that He would sustain and carry her through this challenging journey. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

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