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No matter where you are in life or what you're going through, we want to help care for you by connecting you to those who can best provide assistance. Through the Care Network, we seek to provide encouragement, bear one another's burdens, and fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).

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Care & Support Groups

Care & Support Groups address targeted areas where strengthening and healing is needed. They often meet for specific seasons of time for a stated purpose, however some provide ongoing support.

How Can We Help?

We recognize that there are families in the South Ridge community who may need help or assistance this season, and we want you to know that we care about you! We want to know about your need so we can consider how we can best walk with you through it.

Fill out the “How Can We Help?” form below to tell us more about your situation and start the conversation. You can also reach out to our staff directly.

Care Resources

Below are other resources for help:

Helpline Hunterdon County 

A community information webpage updated regularly with available services and needs, including government, nonprofits, business and other organizations. Also, should you need any help (homelessness, financial assistance, mental/physical health assistance, food needs, employment, transportation, and more), call the helpline at: (908) 782-4357, or 1-800-272-4630. You can check out their homepage as well.

Hunterdon County Housing Resource Guide

A list of Hunterdon County area housing assistance programs. Check out their website!

Hunterdon County Food Pantries

A list of Hunterdon County area food pantries.

Family Promise of Hunterdon County

Homeless shelter for children and their families in Hunterdon County.

Hunterdon County Social Services
  • The Hunterdon County Division of Social Services administers Federal and State assistance programs, social services programs, and family counseling programs.

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