The mission & vision of South Ridge is to Embrace God's Grace - Extend God's Love, leading to Transformed Lives - Transformed Communities.

Embrace God's Grace – The most important thing any of us as human beings can do is to embrace the grace of the God who created us. Far from being a purposeless accident on planet earth, each one of us has been intentionally and purposefully created by God to know Him. For this to be a reality, God has moved toward us in the person of Jesus. Through Jesus' death & resurrection, a way has been provided for our evil and darkness to be conquered, for our separation from God to be erased, and for us to live in fellowship with the Father both now and in an eternal new creation. The first part of the mission of South Ridge is to help every person to Embrace God's Grace.

Extend God's Love – Rather than living as passive recipients of God's grace to us through Jesus, we are invited into partnership with God to extend His love. South Ridge firmly believes that extending God's love is the most natural expression of embracing His grace. As followers of Jesus, we are committed to loving and serving people as Jesus himself did. This involves caring for one another, being involved in meeting the needs in our own families and communities, and serving the needs of those that may live across the world. Rather than prioritizing self-comfort and pleasure, we are to prioritize loving and serving others in Jesus' name.



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South Ridge has a rich history dating back almost 150 years!