The mission & vision of South Ridge is to Embrace God's Grace – Extend God's Love. Below are several real-life "SR stories" that capture small glimpses of how your support & involvement at South Ridge helps facilitate this transformation.

Everyone has a story and every story is significant. To submit your personal story of transformation, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

MaryJane Tyler:
GriefShare allowed MaryJane to fully grieve & process the loss of her husband, after stifling her grief for nearly 20 years.

Nancy Ogudo:
After moving to the U.S. and experiencing several life changes, Nancy found South Ridge to be a
stable and encouraging environment for her and her daughter.

Rod McGreal:
After losing his job, Rod's weekends were free - allowing him to experience God in a way he never had before.

SR Students - Harvey Cedars Bible Conference

SR Students Pastor, Jon Ciotta, and Moody Bible Institute Professor, Tim Downey, discuss the importance of investing
in our students to become strong, Christian leaders in our community.



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