In our media-saturated culture, so much of our interaction with others is informational & surface-level. In SR Groups, interaction with others is not merely informational – it's transformational! SR Groups are places where people form authentic relationships, read the Bible & pray together, gain new skills & perspectives, and put their gifts into action for God's glory. Feel free to reach out to Jeremy Moore with questions about SR Groups.

SR Groups include:               

  • Life Groups (LG) meet off campus, in homes or other community locations. Life Groups kick off in either late Sept. or late Jan., and wrap up in Jun. (often, a few informal summer gatherings are held, then the group kicks off meetings again in Sept.!)

  • Campus Groups (CG) meet on campus, often during common gathering times. Some Campus Groups are shorter and some are more ongoing. Campus Groups also include the CORE 4, group studies that form a connected curriculum that provides essential tools for growth.

  • InterestLink is an online connecting point for people to come together around common interests, like softball, knitting, running, or pickup ice hockey! InterestLink activities are great opportunities to engage those who may not be followers of Jesus in spiritually-impacting community.

Winter/Spring 2019 is a great time to join an SR Group!

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