This Spring, there are a number of great spiritual growth weekends happening locally that we wanted to let you know about! Though these weekends are not facilitated by South Ridge, they have equipped and shaped many men, women, individuals, and couples in recent years. Each weekend is listed below - to learn more or register for one, click the title:

Marked Men for Christ weekends are intense, hard-hitting, 44-hour experiences that guide men to confront obstacles in the way of leading and loving courageously. Through large and small group experiences, men break free from the chains of deceit, fear, anger, shame, and sadness through the power of God’s Spirit. The freedom and clarity that will result from this weekend makes a huge difference in the life, families, and leadership of each man.

  • Upcoming weekend: May 3-5 (Honeybrook, PA)

Weekend to Remember is a restful getaway with your spouse to grow in oneness with each other and learn new skills / perspectives to help your marriage flourish. The weekend combines engaging talks given by a three-person speaking team and interactive activities to complete as a couple.

  • Upcoming weekends: Mar. 22-24 / Mar. 29-31 (Skytop Lodge, Poconos).

Wilberforce Weekend is an annual gathering to deeply root people in a biblical worldview and equip them with a vision to live redemptively in the culture in which we find ourselves. The weekend features engaging speakers, thought-provoking interaction, and top-notch resources. This year’s theme: “Is Christianity Good for the World?” Guests include: Andrew Peterson, Rick Warren, John Lennox, and Jackie-Hill Perry.

  • Upcoming weekend: May 17-19 (Washington, D.C.)

Women’s Walk with Christ weekends are intense, immersive experiences that guide women to connect more deeply with the Lord, apply His grace in a fresh way, and find freedom in the areas of deceit, fear, shame, anger, and sadness. More than 100 South Ridge women have attended a Women’s Walk With Christ weekend and repeatedly testify that God used it in their lives to deeply restore past wounds and vividly clarify his purpose for them.

  • Upcoming weekend: May 17 – 19 (Malvern, PA)

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