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The purpose of pre-marriage mentoring at South Ridge is to introduce and apply biblical principles in a context of trust and accountability, to cultivate thriving marriages that last a lifetime.

While it's not necessary that South Ridge facilitates premarital preparation, South Ridge asks couples who wish to use its facility for their wedding to walk through a Christ-centered, Bible-based, relationally-effective season of preparation with a qualified leader or leaders (preferably a mentoring couple).


1. Fill out the form to the right, & the church office will get back to you!
2. Fill out the Pre-Marriage Questionnaire (you & your fiancé should each fill one out individually) & submit it.
3. Once received, the church office will reach out to set up a time to meet with Jeremy Moore to discuss next steps, confirm details, & connect you to a mentoring couple.
4. Begin Pre-Marriage Mentoring sessions.
5. If you're using the South Ridge campus for your wedding or reception, South Ridge will assign you a Wedding Coordinator who will help you discuss all the details surrounding your big day.
6. Complete Pre-Marriage Mentoring sessions.
7. Meet with your officiating pastor to discuss his role in the ceremony / any requests you have.