All areas of SR Kidz listed below are available during the 9am service only from May 26 - September 1. We hope to see you soon!


The SR Kidz nursery team is committed to providing a nurturing, clean and comfortable environment for your little ones. We provide parents with peace of mind that great attention has been given to the care of their precious babies and toddlers. Be assured that toys and smocks are washed at the end of each Sunday morning, a strict diaper-changing policy is adhered to and a well-staffed nursery is of utmost importance. We desire for parents to be fully engaged in their worship experience without distractions or concerns.  However, if your little one needs you, you will be paged.


Once your little one turns 2, they will graduate to the SR Kidz Preschool & Kindergarten ministry. When they first arrive, we will introduce your toddler to The Big God Story and begin to unpack for them who Jesus is and how much He loves them.  Through age appropriate lessons, simple crafts, snacks, songs and fun, we gently transition them from the nursery to the big-kid's class. 

Our other Preschool & Kindergarten classes function in a similar fashion based on the developmental readiness of each age group. When your little one moves into the Preschool/Kindergarten area, their year-long placement is based on their age as of October 1st for that ministry year.  Children whose birthdays fall on or before October 1st move up to the next class at the beginning of September and will stay there until the following September.


SR Kidz ministry for 1st-4th graders has a large/small group format.  SR Kidz ministry leaders are fully committed to presenting the Word of God in interactive and dynamic ways. SR Kidz provides an environment for children to begin a personal relationship with Jesus.  The morning includes large group Bible teaching, memorizing Bible verses, Bible quizzes, games, prayer, worship songs, giving for special needs, and interacting & sharing with small group leaders.

If your family only attends one service, we strongly encourage you to pick one service time and stick with it.  Relationships are a key element of our ministry and we believe that your child and his/her small group leader will maximize their Sunday morning worship experience if they are with the same group leader each Sunday.


AREA 56 is an exciting place for SR Kidz 5th and 6th graders! This program provides the opportunity for our kids to deepen their understanding of who God is and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It offers a fun learning environment that encourages strong God-honoring friendships.  A number of hang-outs are scheduled throughout the year which allow for relationships to further develop. This year we are beginning a new study called: "What's Up? Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You Really Are." Kids are encouraged to believe the good news of Jesus AND live it out. This study may challenge kids to live as a believer in ways they may not have considered before.