Thank you for your interest in becoming an InterestLink Leader! 

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I've read the South Ridge "Statement of Faith and Belief" and am in agreement with it *
List three people that you know, who meet the following criteria: 1) Are over 18 years old 2) Are not related to you 3) Have known you for more than one year Please include references name, nature of relationship, email/phone number, and length of time known. Include at least one former SR Groups/Serving Team leader if possible.

 InterestLink may be a fit for promoting an activity that you'd like to organize to bring people together around a common interest (Please review our list of existing InterestLink activities prior to submitting your idea). 
InterestLink exists to promote Leaders who: 

·     Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ 

·      Desire to cultivate an environment that encourages fellow believers 

·      Has a welcoming spirit toward those outside of the SR community who may want to participate 

·      Love people and are passionate about their activity 

·      Have attended South Ridge regularly for at least 4 months 

·      Respond promptly to inquiries about their activities 

·      Possess a basic competency in coordinating details  

·      Complete a brief form giving permission for a background check (if activity involves minors) 

InterestLink exists to promote activities that are:  

·      Recreational (This is not an avenue to promote a business). 

·      Non-profit (Organizers are not to gain any funds from the activity they organize. Organizers are encouraged not to collect money.  As much as possible, participants should handle the cost individually.  If it's necessary to collect money, it's recommended that the Organizer appoint a collector to handle the funds & provide receipts to participants). 

·      Glorifying to God and consistent with a Biblical worldview

·      Would not be a stumbling block to other believers

 If you feel you may be a good fit to be an InterestLink Leader, please read the South Ridge “Statement of Faith & Beliefs“ and complete the volunteer application. From there, Olivia Ciotta will reach out to set up a time to briefly meet to talk about the details.