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Several times a year, South Ridge provides a Child Dedication Celebration where parents have an opportunity to:  

  • Celebrate the gift of their children

  • Entrust their children to God for His purposes

  • Commit themselves to honor God in parenting their children

The next Child Dedication Celebration will be:

Date: Sunday, October 27
Time: 2pm

This special service is a time for parents and their child(ren) to come together with family members, friends, & relatives for a gathering time of celebration, prayer, encouragement, & commitment. Prior to the Child Dedication Celebration, parents are also provided with resources to help them fulfill their calling as the primary spiritual influencers of their child(ren). South Ridge delights in celebrating children with parents. Children truly are a gift from God. Parents are entrusted by God to be stewards of shaping the character and faith of their children by creating an environment where children can grow, flourish, and be launched into pursuing God's purposes for their lives.

While South Ridge recognizes that some traditions baptize infants, South Ridge practices child dedication rather than infant baptism. If you are interested in dedicating your child or getting more information about our next Child Dedication Celebration, please fill out the form to the right.