Giving by transferring stocks may reduce your capital gains tax liability for appreciated stock. To make a stock contribution by electronic transfer, please provide your broker with our account name (South Ridge Community Church); our Vanguard Brokerage Services account number (61388644); and the DTC number (0062). If you or your broker needs any further info, please have them contact Elena Davis ( / 908.735.5252 x 312).


If you have passed your 70th birthday and are withdrawing a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA, you can directly allocate a portion of this amount from your IRA to South Ridge.  When you donate to South Ridge in this way, it is not counted as income by the IRS and therefore not taxed, but it will count toward meeting your annual RMD.


Legacy Giving is not merely for the “super wealthy.” A Legacy Gift of any size enables God’s provision and blessing to you over a lifetime to continue to have an impact that aligns with your beliefs and values. An Estate Plan that integrates the distribution of your assets with your family, charitable and other financial goals, will enable you to have continued impact through people you love and organizations you value.  

A planned gift of cash, stocks, a house or other possessions made through your will is the most common way to provide a Legacy Gift for South Ridge.  Other options include naming South Ridge as a beneficiary for your IRA, life insurance policy, or other financial accounts. We would be glad to discuss your specific options and goals for Legacy Giving with you and your financial advisor.